Inventory Control


In many years of selling tape, I have found it fascinating how many customers have difficulty with their inventory levels.  Most of the issues are with suppliers not understanding their individual business needs.  In the golf world, I have found this to be a very common problem.  In our local area we have some drastic contrasts in seasons which effects golf shops business. We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know the individual customer and more importantly work to understand your individual needs.  Some shops have several full time techs in their service shops, while some people are the shop tech, clerk, inventory manager, owner...you get the idea.

This is why we provide a level of service that fits the needs of individual shops.  Although we are a wholesaler, we have very low minimum purchase amounts.  We can also help the larger shops maintain the proper inventory and even help you make sure that your stock is at just the right level.  That way you never have too much on hand and also won’t always be running out.

So, if you are waiting for your current tape supplier to get that case of tape to you and those clubs are piling up all around you, think about us.  We will look at the trends of your shop and get to know what your seasons are to ensure proper inventory levels.  We look forward to working with you to understand your shop's needs.

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The Strip Advantage


You may have noticed that here at golftapedirect.com we offer our golf tape in 3 put ups.  We offer narrow width rolls of 3/4" x 36 yard, wide width rolls of 2" x 36 yard and then we also offer pre-cut strips.  These come 2" x 9" strips.  Have you ever wondered why we have so many offerings?  

As we were developing our tape, we saw various needs in the market as well as different ways that shops apply golf grips.  Tape that comes in rolls is a common way for shops to work with golf grip tape.  We also found that if you have the tape in pre-cut strips, it gives you a nice advantage with inventory.  Each strip is designed to be the perfect amount to apply one grip to one club.  There is no wasted tape.  You can know exactly how many clubs you can re-grip based on the number of strips you order and how many you have in inventory.  We sell these in bags of 1,000.  Using the strips will eliminate the guess work and help you make sure you are not using too little or too much tape.


If you would like a test out these handy strips, please reach out to us!

Tight Grip


We are often asked what makes our grip tape holds so much better to the grip itself as well to the shaft of the club.  

As we were developing our tape, we took a long look at what was standard in the industry.  We talked to a number of shop techs and wanted to develop a product that would outperform what was currently the "industry standard".


We have developed a product that has been specially formulated to perform better than what is commonly found in the market place.  It is a synthetic rubber adhesive that generally out performs the natural rubber found on the tape you may be currently using.  Because it is synthetic we are able to control more carefully how the adhesive responds to the substrates used in the golf industry.  We also took a look at the environmental factors golfers face and put that into the formulation as well.


The result is a product that is easier to use and will hold up under a wider range of environmental factors. It will also remove from the shaft with little to no residue, making clean up a breeze.


If you would like to test our product, please reach out to us and we will get some tape in your hands so you can see for yourselves how our tape will save you time and money with every re-grip that comes through your shop.

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Temperature and Tape


Have you ever had a failure from your Golf Grip Tape and could not really explain why?  You took the time to clean and prep the surfaces, you made sure that you followed all the normal procedures only to have the tape fail?  

Unfortunately, I have seen it a few times in my career.  It is not the phone call I like to receive.  So let's explore one of those "x" factors.


One of the considerations one must face is temperature.  This one thing can effect so much of what we do with tape.  Did you apply the tape under the right temperature?  What types of temperatures will the tape endure once it leaves your location?  Will it see many types of temperatures due to being taken indoors and outdoors?  Many things to think about.


To understand how temperatures can take such a toll on tape, you have to have a basic understanding of the chemistry behind the adhesive.


A pressure sensitive adhesive like Golf Grip Tape is designed to be rigid enough to stay on the backing of the tape, yet elastic enough to wet out onto the shaft when applied.  Temperature will effect that dynamic between the two conditions of the adhesive.  If you apply the tape in temperature that is too cool, the adhesive is harder and it doesn't "flow" as easily.  If the temperature is too warm, the adhesive may flow too much and when it cools there may not be enough of that chain in the bond to hold together.


Now let's talk about what else can and most likely will happen.  The golf clubs leave your location and enter the "real world".  A world where you have very little or no control.  Are the clubs going to be exposed to high temperatures by being left in a hot car for days on end? Or left in a freezing car for many days in a row?  With that temperature swing, there is expansion and contraction within that substrate and this all effects the bond of your tape.


We recommend applying Golf Grip Tape at room temperature.  Our tape is also specially formulated to withstand some of the temperature swings that golf clubs are typically subject to.



Golf Grip Tape Installation

Please reach out to us at Walker to answer all of your questions regarding tape application.







Make Sure Your Tape Will Stick


In tape manufacturing, there has been times when we have seen tape that won't stick to whatever it was it was supposed to stick to.  We have seen it in all sorts of environments and with all sorts of substrates.  

Have you ever experienced this with golf grip tape?  Let’s take a look at some possibilities of why this may be happening.


First of all, tape is designed to stick to the first thing it contacts.  If your shaft is dusty, greasy, dirty, or contaminated in some other way, your tape will stick to those contaminants first.  Make sure the surfaces are clean before you peel the tape off of the liner.  You will also want to make sure the surface is dry.


Another consideration is temperature.  Temperature has a major effect on how tape will perform.  When the temperature gets cold the adhesive will harden.  This effects the way your tape will "wet" onto the surface.  Golf grip tape will work best when the tape and the shaft are both at room temperature.


One might think with tape that it’s just "sticky side down." But in reality there can be much more to it.


If you have any questions about best practices in applying your golf grip tape, give us a call and we can talk!

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More About Our Tape


.75" golf grip tape roll We have developed a fantastic grip tape. We are frequently asked to talk about the advantages of our tape. Well, let's talk tape for a bit.

The tape that you will find on Golf Tape Direct is a double sided crepe paper tape. The adhesive is more aggressive than what we were seeing in the market. We also made sure that it would still remove clean from the shaft so that there is little to no clean up necessary. Our tape's adhesive has also been developed to handle broader temperature ranges. That means grips won't loosen as much if the clubs have been left in the car.

The other thing we would like to talk about is how our tape will make applying the grips easier. We found that we could make the lives of the shop technicians easier by slimming down the mil thickness just enough to have the grips slide on a bit easier. This of course saves time, which will also save money. The integrity of the tape is intact so no one will ever notice the slightly thinner tape.

Do you have any other questions about out tape?  If so, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.