Etiquette On The Golf Course


Manners, etiquette. Make sure you are using these simple instructions on the golf course. You need to be courteous and aware of the other players around you. Don't Fall Behind -The easiest way to endear yourself to playing partner has nothing to do with how well you play, but rather how fast. This doesn't mean rush through your shots or anything. Just be prepared when it's your turn to hit. Warm up before it's your turn so you are ready to go.

Don't Hurt Anyone -Please Yell "Fore"-Chances are that when you are starting out, you will need to yell this quite often. Fore is just telling people to watch out. This means that your ball has not gone where you planned on it to go and don't want to hurt anyone. This is common courtesy.


Know Where To Stand- You don't want to be in anyone way while they are hitting and vice versus. A good rule of thumb is to stand to the side and slightly behing the ball several yards away. On The green, try to stay out of the line of sight of the person putting.

golf etiquette

Take Care of The Course  - It takes a lot of work to make the courses look the way that they do. If you make a big divot, replace the chunk of grass, or carry some grass seed to put in the hole you made.

fixing a divot on golf course

Hopefully these tips will help you out now that you are on the golf course! Remember to always be courteous. If you are playing really slow, you can let people play ahead of you. Enjoy your game!