Golf Grip Tape Installation


In this video tutorial and blog, Kurt Steen (a golfsmith for the last 15-years) reviews and demonstrates the golf grip tape installation process using the 2” grip tape roll by Golf Tape Direct.

Tools you will need for the installation process:

  • Tension rack or a vice
  • Screwdriver (or item that will fit through the back of your grip)
  • Grip
  • Solvent
  • Marker

Installation instructions using the 2” golf grip tape roll:

  1. First secure your club by placing it into the vice or tension rack with the head of the club upright so the new grip will be straight when you put it on
  2. Place a sheet of golf tape on the club with approximately ⅜ of an inch hanging off the end of the shaft
  3. Run your fingers up and down the shaft to make sure the tape goes on smooth
  4. Tear the backing off of the tape
  5. Twist the end of the remaining grip tape and push it into the end of the club shaft
  6. Take your grip and align it approximately ⅜ of an inch off the end of the shaft
  7. Take your marker and mark the club where the end of the grip is so you will know how far the grip needs to go on
  8. Then take your solvent and pour about a tablespoon into the grip
  9. Make sure you coat the inside of the grip well
  10. Then pour the remaining solvent onto the tape covering the shaft -- make sure you coat the tape all the way to the mark you made earlier
  11. Align the grip and push it up and over the shaft
  12. Push the grip fully onto the club shaft -- up to or past the line you marked in order to ensure your grip is attached to the end of your club

To complete the golf grip installation process:

  1. Slowly remove the club from the vice
  2. Take your screwdriver and punch a hole into the end of the grip making sure that it has an open space to allow air to circulate down the shaft -- this prevents condensation and allows the solvent that has run down the grip to dry
  3. When complete -- set your club upright with the head facing up to allow any remaining solvent to run back out of the shaft

And that completes the golf grip tape installation process using the 2” grip tape roll.

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