Golf Swing Tips To Improve Your Game

People will spend a lifetime trying to perfect their swing. We wanted to give you 5 ways to help you perfect your swing.  

neutral hand golf grip

Neutral Hands-Pay attention to the way your hold your club. Stand up, let your arms hang loosely at your sides. Your hands should be angled naturally, You can easily see the knuckle on your index finger and part of the knuckle on your middle finger. By duplicating this neutral hand position when you grip your club, you will naturally square the grip when you swing. Increasing your chances of hitting the ball where you should, at the center of the club head.


3 golf holds

Get a Grip-Now that you know how to hold with a neutral hands, it's time to strengthen your grip. You can do this 1 of 3 ways.

  • Ten Finger (baseball) grip. This is more handy for beginners, people with arthritis and small hands. 
  • Vardon Grip-This is the most common golf grip. This is a grip where you overlap your pinkie finger between your index and middle finger on your leading hand.
  • Interlocking Grip-This grip is best used among people with less powerful forearms, weak wrists or small hands. This grip your hands are literally locked together by curling your pinkie finger around your index finger of your dominant hand.
  • You can view more on these grips here.


golf stance

Taking a Stance -As a beginner you can find yourself missing the ball a lot. To avoid this, follow these simple stance rules:

  • Posture-Flex your knees slightly, bend at the hips and keep your spine straight.
  • Align your body-
  • Spread your feet-Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. This will give a strong stance.
  • Relax-You don't need to choke your club. Hold it securely without your knuckles turning white. Keep your whole body relaxed, not rigid.


golf swing sequence

Swing Basics- Now that you have had time and tips to work on your grip and perfecting your stance, you are ready to take a swing! Things to keep in mind, pointed thumbs, interlocking hands, feet distance, your weight distribution and more. Here are the 2 parts of a golf swing:

  • Backswing-pivot your shoulders toward your spine, shift your weight to the front of your back foot and bring your front arm up to a 90 degree L shape.
  • Downswing-Release your arms from the L shape toward the ball, shift your weight to your front foot in one swift, balanced motion.


bill murray golfing

Relax- It's possible to focus all your attention on your technique that you ruin your entire game. You need to just breathe in, breathe out, and relax. Enjoy your game! No one going to be a pro golfer right off the bat. You need practice and you need to find out which grip method will work for you.


Hope this gave you some great tips on how to improve your golf game. Have questions for us? You can contact us here. Want to purchase the best golf grip tape on the market? You can do that here.