How to apply Golf Grip Tape


First step is to make sure the shaft is clean from any residue and that it is dry.  

Club in shaft.


Next you will place the golf club into the rubber vise then secure the shaft. Be careful not to over tighten. Just make sure the shaft is secure and does not move.


Applying tape



Apply Walker's double sided golf grip tape to the length of the grip, wrapping it around the shaft, leaving a half inch over hanging the end.


ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 28 13.53 ScreenHunter_27 Jun. 28 14.09


Remove the backing of the double sided tape. Twist the overhanging piece and push inside the shaft. Spray the solvent in your grip and all over the entire grip tape.


ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 28 13.53


Immediately after putting the solvent on the grip tape position the opening of the grip at the shaft. Squeeze the open end of the grip and slide the grip into the shaft. Continue sliding and pushing until you feel the end of the shaft against the grip cap.


ScreenHunter_19 Jun. 28 13.52


Remove your club from the bench vise and check to make sure your grip is on straight. If any adjustments need to be made, twist the grip to achieve the desired alignments.

Wipe the grip and shaft with a clean towel, let the club sit for a couple hours to ensure sufficient drying time.