Make Sure Your Tape Will Stick


In tape manufacturing, there has been times when we have seen tape that won't stick to whatever it was it was supposed to stick to.  We have seen it in all sorts of environments and with all sorts of substrates.  

Have you ever experienced this with golf grip tape?  Let’s take a look at some possibilities of why this may be happening.


First of all, tape is designed to stick to the first thing it contacts.  If your shaft is dusty, greasy, dirty, or contaminated in some other way, your tape will stick to those contaminants first.  Make sure the surfaces are clean before you peel the tape off of the liner.  You will also want to make sure the surface is dry.


Another consideration is temperature.  Temperature has a major effect on how tape will perform.  When the temperature gets cold the adhesive will harden.  This effects the way your tape will "wet" onto the surface.  Golf grip tape will work best when the tape and the shaft are both at room temperature.


One might think with tape that it’s just "sticky side down." But in reality there can be much more to it.


If you have any questions about best practices in applying your golf grip tape, give us a call and we can talk!

Image Source: James Eves