More About Our Tape


.75" golf grip tape roll We have developed a fantastic grip tape. We are frequently asked to talk about the advantages of our tape. Well, let's talk tape for a bit.

The tape that you will find on Golf Tape Direct is a double sided crepe paper tape. The adhesive is more aggressive than what we were seeing in the market. We also made sure that it would still remove clean from the shaft so that there is little to no clean up necessary. Our tape's adhesive has also been developed to handle broader temperature ranges. That means grips won't loosen as much if the clubs have been left in the car.

The other thing we would like to talk about is how our tape will make applying the grips easier. We found that we could make the lives of the shop technicians easier by slimming down the mil thickness just enough to have the grips slide on a bit easier. This of course saves time, which will also save money. The integrity of the tape is intact so no one will ever notice the slightly thinner tape.

Do you have any other questions about out tape?  If so, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.