Pros And Cons Of Your Golf Grip Style


What is the most important fundamental in golf? Your grasp.  how you hold the club affect almost everything that happens when you swing.  This makes it more important than your posture or stance. There are countless ways to do it right, and countless ways to do it wrong. The way you grip will vary from person to person, and some ways will work for some and not for others. Here is a list of some pro's and con's for each popular golf grip style.


Overlapping Grip (Vardon)

Overlap golf grip method

This is the choice of most pro golfers. The right pinky finger is placed on top of the small gap between the left index and middle finger.

Pro's-If you have large or strong hands they tend to overlap. This grip provides the necessary unity between your hands without limiting movement, freeing the golfer to fully release the club with thorough impact. Some golfers feel this is more comfortable than interlocking grip.

Con's-People with small or weak hands may find it harder to control the club.


Interlocking Grip

interlocking golf grip

This grip is done by placing the right pinky finger between the index and middle fingers on the left hand, locking the hands together.

Pro's-Recommended for players with small hands, this method makes your hands unify and cuts down excessive wrist movements. Interlocking gives you a firm hold on the handle without having to use a firm grip, reducing swing tension.

Con's-Some people find it uncomfortable to hold this grip.


Neutral Grip

neutral golf grip

Usually considered an ideal grip position because it aligns the hands directly with the club face. Your grip is neutral if you can see two knuckles on your left hand when addressing the ball.

Pro's-If your other fundamentals are down (posture, stance, alignment) a neutral grip will require no manipulations to keep the club square to the target line throughout your swing. A neutral grip won't cause slices or hooks and makes it easier to work the ball in either direction.

Con's-Theoretically, this grip has no downside, but some golfers find it uncomfortable.


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