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Inventory Control


In many years of selling tape, I have found it fascinating how many customers have difficulty with their inventory levels.  Most of the issues are with suppliers not understanding their individual business needs.  In the golf world, I have found this to be a very common problem.  In our local area we have some drastic contrasts in seasons which effects golf shops business. We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know the individual customer and more importantly work to understand your individual needs.  Some shops have several full time techs in their service shops, while some people are the shop tech, clerk, inventory manager, get the idea.

This is why we provide a level of service that fits the needs of individual shops.  Although we are a wholesaler, we have very low minimum purchase amounts.  We can also help the larger shops maintain the proper inventory and even help you make sure that your stock is at just the right level.  That way you never have too much on hand and also won’t always be running out.

So, if you are waiting for your current tape supplier to get that case of tape to you and those clubs are piling up all around you, think about us.  We will look at the trends of your shop and get to know what your seasons are to ensure proper inventory levels.  We look forward to working with you to understand your shop's needs.

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Golf Club Grip Tape Removal


In this video tutorial and blog, Kurt Steen (a golfsmith for the last 15-years) reviews and demonstrates the removal of golf club grip tape.

Tools you will need for the removal process:

Golf club grip tape removal instructions:

  1. First take the hook blade and place it just underneath the grip
  2. Pull it back firmly and slowly keeping control of the hook blade
  3. Peel the end of the grip open and back -- sliding it off the end of the shaft
  4. Now unwrap your grip tape -- peeling any existing tape off that may have split from the blade cutting it
  5. Take a small amount of solvent and pour it onto the rag
  6. Finish by wiping the shaft with the rag several times until it is clean

And that completes the golf club grip tape removal process.

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Golf Club Regripping Tape Installation: Driver and Putter


In this video tutorial and blog, Kurt Steen (a golfsmith for the last 15 years) reviews and demonstrates the installation of golf club regripping tape for a driver and putter using ¾ inch golf grip tape by Golf Tape Direct.

Tools you will need for the installation process:

  • Tension rack or vise
  • Solvent
Screwdriver (or item that will fit through the back of your grip)
  • Marker

Installation instructions using ¾” golf grip tape:

  1. Place your grip next to the shaft of your club

  2. Make sure the alignment on the grip is square with the face of the driver or putter and approximately ⅜ of an inch from the end of the shaft
  3. Take your marker and make a line on the shaft at the end of the grip so you know how far it needs to go on -- this will prevent stretching or not pushing the grip on far enough
Now tear your tape about eight inches longer than the length of the mark to the back of the shaft
  5. Place the tape at the start of your mark and rub it straight along the shaft folding it underneath when you get to the end of the shaft

  6. Press down the sides of the tape and make sure they are smooth

  7. Remove your tape backing
Then take your solvent and pour about a tablespoon into the grip
  9. Make sure you coat the inside of the grip well
Empty the grip by slowly running the grip along the tape covering the shaft making sure the tape becomes fully coated with solvent
  11. Put the base of your grip onto the shaft and push it up and over
  12. Align the flat part of the grip square with the top of the shaft and push it on straight up to the mark -- making sure you do not twist the grip

To complete the regripping process:

  1. Take your small screwdriver and punch it through the hole at the end of the grip making sure that air flows into the shaft to allow any remaining solvent to dry and keeping it from damaging the shaft integrity
  2. Take your club out of the vise and stand it upright so that any solvent that may be in the shaft will run down to the base

And that completes the golf club regripping tape installation using ¾ inch golf grip tape.

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3 Most Popular Ways To Grip Your Club


There are different ways to grip your club. You will not know which is right for you, until you try it. your hands must work together as a single unit when striking the ball. This is a list of the top 3 fundamentally sound ways of gripping your club.  

#1- Overlapping Grip (Vardon Grip)

This grip is used by Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar

Overlap golf grip method


#2-Interlocking Grip

This grip is used by Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Bubba Watson

interlocking golf grip


#3-Ten-Finger (or Baseball) Grip

This grip is used by beginners as it simplifies early instruction. Not common among professional golfers.

ten finger golf grip

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