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Golf Club Grip Tape Removal


In this video tutorial and blog, Kurt Steen (a golfsmith for the last 15-years) reviews and demonstrates the removal of golf club grip tape.

Tools you will need for the removal process:

Golf club grip tape removal instructions:

  1. First take the hook blade and place it just underneath the grip
  2. Pull it back firmly and slowly keeping control of the hook blade
  3. Peel the end of the grip open and back -- sliding it off the end of the shaft
  4. Now unwrap your grip tape -- peeling any existing tape off that may have split from the blade cutting it
  5. Take a small amount of solvent and pour it onto the rag
  6. Finish by wiping the shaft with the rag several times until it is clean

And that completes the golf club grip tape removal process.

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Regripping Golf Clubs


In this video tutorial and blog, Kurt Steen (a golfsmith for the last 15-years) reviews and demonstrates the regripping golf clubs process using 2” pre-cut tape strips by Golf Tape Direct.

Tools you will need for the regripping process:

  • Small screwdriver (or an item that will fit through the back of your grip)
  • Marker

Regripping instructions using the 2” pre-cut tape strips:

  1. First remove the backing from the golf tape
Place the tape on the club shaft with approximately ⅜ of an inch of tape hanging off the end of the shaft
Press down on the tape firmly so it seams onto the club shaft
As you roll the tape around the end of the club shaft, you want to slide up and down the shaft to make sure the golf tape stays smooth
Peel open the pre-cut pieces of your backing and remove them
  4. Twist the end of tape and then push the excess into the end of the club shaft
  5. Now take your grip and line it up to the club shaft with approximately ⅛ of an inch off the end of the club shaft
  6. Take your marker and mark the end of the golf grip so you know where it needs to go - this will eliminate stretching or not getting your grip on far enough
Then take your solvent and pour about a tablespoon into the grip
  8. Make sure you coat the inside of the grip really well
  9. Slowly run it along the tape on the club shaft making sure it gets properly coated
  10. Take your alignment and set it to the center of the club shaft
  11. Push the grip up and over the club shaft
Finish by pushing the grip fully onto the club shaft -- up to the measurement you made earlier with your marker

To complete the regripping process:

  1. Take your screwdriver and punch through the end of the grip making sure it has that open space that will allow air to flow down the shaft and keep it from getting condensation and allow the solvent that may have to run down the grip to dry
  2. Wipe off any excess solvent
  3. When complete - set your club head facing up so any solvent that may have dripped into the shaft can run back out

And that completes the regripping golf club process using 2” pre-cut tape strips.

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Beginners Guide To Golfing Part 1

So you have decided you want to get into golfing. Part 1 is listing everything you will need to get started. #1-Clubs. When you are first learning how to play, you aren't going to need very many, just the basics. You will need a driver, putter, sand wedge, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge and a fairway wood.

golf clubs

#2 Balls. Start off with buying balls that are around $20 a dozen. Buy a couple brands to see which you like best. As you start loosing less and less balls, you can move up to the more expensive balls.

golf balls for beginners

#3 Tees. There are 3 types of tees, Here is a short explanation on what each tee is most commonly used for. The championship tees (back tees) are for low-handicap men. The middle tees are for middle to high handicap men, low-handicap or long-hitting women, and low-handicap or long-hitting senior men. The forward tees are for middle or high handicap women and seniors, and beginners of all stripes.

beginners golf tees


I hope this helps your get your gear ready for your new golfing adventure! Keep your eyes peeled for other blogs on Beginners Guide To Golfing.

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