The Strip Advantage


You may have noticed that here at we offer our golf tape in 3 put ups.  We offer narrow width rolls of 3/4" x 36 yard, wide width rolls of 2" x 36 yard and then we also offer pre-cut strips.  These come 2" x 9" strips.  Have you ever wondered why we have so many offerings?  

As we were developing our tape, we saw various needs in the market as well as different ways that shops apply golf grips.  Tape that comes in rolls is a common way for shops to work with golf grip tape.  We also found that if you have the tape in pre-cut strips, it gives you a nice advantage with inventory.  Each strip is designed to be the perfect amount to apply one grip to one club.  There is no wasted tape.  You can know exactly how many clubs you can re-grip based on the number of strips you order and how many you have in inventory.  We sell these in bags of 1,000.  Using the strips will eliminate the guess work and help you make sure you are not using too little or too much tape.


If you would like a test out these handy strips, please reach out to us!