Tight Grip


We are often asked what makes our grip tape holds so much better to the grip itself as well to the shaft of the club.  

As we were developing our tape, we took a long look at what was standard in the industry.  We talked to a number of shop techs and wanted to develop a product that would outperform what was currently the "industry standard".


We have developed a product that has been specially formulated to perform better than what is commonly found in the market place.  It is a synthetic rubber adhesive that generally out performs the natural rubber found on the tape you may be currently using.  Because it is synthetic we are able to control more carefully how the adhesive responds to the substrates used in the golf industry.  We also took a look at the environmental factors golfers face and put that into the formulation as well.


The result is a product that is easier to use and will hold up under a wider range of environmental factors. It will also remove from the shaft with little to no residue, making clean up a breeze.


If you would like to test our product, please reach out to us and we will get some tape in your hands so you can see for yourselves how our tape will save you time and money with every re-grip that comes through your shop.

Image Source:dnkbdotcom