Time to replace your golf grips?


Grips will wear out and need to be replaced regularly. We made this little guide for you to help on when it's time to replace them. Moderate Golfer- If you play 20 times a year or less your grips will last 2 or even 3 years if they are taken care of properly.

Avid GolferIf you are playing 25 times a year or more your grips will last 1 to 2 years.

 Pro Golfer - Pro's should re grip once every year or every 40 rounds, but if you're a pro you already know this. LOL

Proper Club Care-The best place to store your clubs during the "Off Season" is in a temperature controlled area somewhere not too hot or cold and not too humid. The temperature change can damage your clubs and grips. Always make sure you store your clubs in an interior location to avoid any rust on the clubs or heat damage to the grips. Clubs should be stored in an up right position  in your bag.