Tips for finding the right golf grip for you


The right grip can have a huge impact on your golf game. Many people don't even realize there's a difference. Here are some tips for choosing the right grips. 1. Make sure you know the different kinds of grips you are using-

There are 3 popular types of golf grip materials: Cord, Rubber and Synthetic.

Rubber and Synthetic grips are popular with causal players. The materials are less rough on the hands than the cord grips.

Cord grips are a lot harder and rougher.  These are popular for golfer's who have sweaty hands or for frequent play in the rain.

2.  Make sure your grip is the right size-

Gripping club

As a general rule  you will  wrap your hand around your club, if your second and third fingers are lightly touching the base of your palm by your thumb, your grip is perfect! If there's a significant amount of space between your fingers and your palm, your grip is too big for you. If your fingers are digging into your palm, your grip is undersized.

ribbed gripsround grip

3. Pick a style Round or Ribbed-

Some grips have raised area on the underside to help with positioning of the hands and feel. That allows you to place your hands exactly on the same place every time on the grip. There is no right or wrong. Simply your preference. If you need that reminder of where your fingers need to be placed. You will definitely want the ribbed grip.







One last note- Grips are not expensive. You can remove your grip and put on a new one many times, until you find one perfect for you. Come check out more blogs on golfing here. Or if you would like to purchase any tapes for your grips click her.