Top 5 Popular Golf Grips


Here are the top 5 most popular golf grips that I have came across and why they are popular. 1. Golf Pride New Decade Multi compound:

Golf pride grip



This grip features two materials: Cord-infused rubber on the upper half (for firmness and control under the glove hand.) and a soft rubber below ( for a better feel under the hand with no glove.) The combination offers moisture control, durability and comfort.

2. Winn Dri-Tac

Winn dri tac grip


Dri -Tac grips by Winn are a huge hit. Why? Your hands stay dry no matter what weather you are playing in. The soft tacky comfort provides a great non slip control.


3. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

golf pride 2g

The golf pride wrap 2 G was introduced almost a decade ago. It works great in really hot humid weather. It's made with a softer, tackier rubber and features traction marks to help improve your grip.

4. Lamkin Performance Plus 3 GEN

Lamkin grip


Made for medal woods and irons, this grip is slightly larger around the upper half than the lower half. This grip is made to help players set the grip in their fingers and swing with less tensions. The 3 GEN is a water resistant material that is soft and tacky for better gripping.

5. Iomic X- Evolution

Iomic x evolution


This grip is made of dense elastomer. (the same materials used for windshield wipers) Making it a lot firmer than other grips. The material is also water resistant and durable. The X pattern that is on the grip runs from the top to the bottom and is meant to increase traction.