Why Is Your Golf Grip Tape Important?


Do you know the facts about what makes a great golf grip tape? Here are the need to knows on a great tape. Quality. Your tape thickness needs to be at 6 mil., if not the tape will not build up correctly to your next grip size. Example: 1 1/16 will be too large not mid-size. Thinner tape will not build up correct either, you would have to use a lot more tape to make it build up correctly.

Liner. You want a tape that will tear easily to make your installation quick and easy.

Here are some examples of why you want a 6 mil tape.

  • If you are using a dual core grip: tape that is took thin the dual core will tear through the tape and roll the tape up the shaft, or leave a bump inside your grip, which is illegal. 2 inch tape is ideal because it coats the whole shaft with tape and your grip will slide on easily with no issues or damage to your grip.
  • If you are using velvet or rubber grips, almost any tape will work, but where they seam to the shaft so tight, our 3/4" Golf Tape is better because it will leave slightly open spaces on the shaft so your grip will slide on smoother.

Golf Tape

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