Golf Grip Double Sided Strips by Golf Tape Direct (50 pack)

  • Strips of Double Sided Golf Grip Tape for replacing golf grips
  • 50 count pack
  • Made in the USA by Walker Tape who has produced double sided tape for 30 years
  • 2" x 9" strips - perfect for regripping one club
  • Made with synthetic rubber for optimal performance in diverse weather conditions

Golf Grip Tape Strips by Golf Tape Direct are a great way to keep a handle on your inventory and to feel confident that you will always have enough strips for your regripping needs. Each strip is the perfect amount of tape to regrip one club, so you always know how much inventory you have on hand and there is no wasted tape. Our strips have been specially formulated to perform better than what is commonly found in the market place.  It is a synthetic rubber adhesive that generally out performs the natural rubber found on many golf grip tapes. Because it is synthetic we are able to control more carefully how the adhesive responds to the substrates used in the golf industry.  We also took a look at the environmental factors golfers face and put that into the formulation as well.